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Lamborghini Gallardo and Audi R8 Air Ride Kits - FINALLY!

Posted by Phil on 8/8/2017 to New Products

Well, it's about time.  It seems like almost every day I get a Gallardo owner calling, BEGGING me to take their car and put it on air suspension.

Well, guys, the wait is over- Air Lift Performance just dropped their front and rear air strut kits for the R8 and Gallardo platform!

So, let's form an orderly line - no pushing! - and I'll take your cars one at a time to get them sitting properly low.

Seriously, though, if someone local wants to put their R8 or Gallardo on air, hit me up - I'd love to give you a SMOKING deal on a complete package with installation.

Check out the strut kits here: 

And check out our complete air suspension kits here: 

These struts are pretty badass- remote reservoirs, adjusable damping, threaded bodies, and they come with new sway bar end links, hardware, and everything else you'll need for a proper OEM-level installation.

AND, Air Lift also has height sensor brackets to make installing the 3H or eLevel height sensors a BOLT-ON - that should save a TON of time and hassle.

So really, there's no excuse to leave your Audi or Lambo stock!

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