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Project Redemption - 1964 Datsun 312 Bluebird

Posted by Phil on 3/10/2020 to Shop Projects & Shows
So... I went and did a thing.
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Cars and Coffee - Now in Oklahoma City!

Posted by Phil on 12/7/2019 to Shop Projects & Shows
So, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you probably know we moved our shop and family out to Oklahoma a couple months ago- I'll go ahead and use that as an excuse for taking so long to update the blog this time!

Things have settled down from the move, and today I took the Datsun out to the local Cars and Coffee about 30 minutes from home.  I fully expected it to be filled with Mustangs, Camaros, and Corvettes... and it totally was.  BUT- there were also a TON of awesome and unique cars out there!  I got to talk with a bunch of people about their cars and mine, and had a great time.  Really looking forward to the next one!

First off, here's my car as usual.  I got so wrapped up with talking to people about their cars I forgot to take any pictures of mine!

2 liter turbo swapped Caddy

One of TWO Roadrunners out there today!

Lotus Elan

You might recognize this Z from my SEMA coverage- didn't realize he's a local!


Clean Cadillac Fleetwood- look how long those rear doors are!

I spoke to the owner of this Monte Carlo for a bit- he's part of a local lowrider club called Illegal Toys.

A pair of bagged trucks from another local club- Layd II Rest. I got to speak with the owners quite a bit- always good to have other like-minded people around!

'Bagged 'Vette


Z31 Turbo

For my California friends and family- this was the price of gas this morning! 

1959 Buick Convertible - Customer Rides

Posted by Phil on 7/24/2019 to Shop Projects & Shows
The '59 Buick is one of the most unique designs from an already unique era in automotive history.  So we were happy to help throw some custom touches on this one!

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Jeff's 1959 Cadillac Convertible - Customer Rides

Posted by Phil on 7/22/2019 to Shop Projects & Shows
We're blessed with some amazing customers that bring us even more amazing cars to work on.  This is Jeff's '59 Caddy that we had the privilege of installing an air ride system onto.

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