SEMA 2019

I'll keep the writeup short and just let you check out some of my favorite vehicles from this year's SEMA show in Las Vegas.  If you're a car enthusiast of any type- lifted, lowered, high performance, whatever- you HAVE to go to this show at least once in your lifetime!

The Trucks:

My heart has always been with lowered cars and trucks, but huge lifts with Boggers still make me happy! 

The Cars:

'F8 of the Furious' Murcielago rebuilt/restored by Tavarish on his YouTube channel 

Peter Brock's "Brock Buster" Datsun 510- I believe this was the only 510 at this year's show? 

Z32 with a 2JZ swap! 

The Huracan built by B is for Build on his YouTube channel- twin turbo LS power! 

Daniel Wu's Honda was the highlight of the Honda booth:

But this N600 powered by a modern motorcycle engine was rad, too! 

Harlequin Polo

This Celica had a vintage look, but held a big surprise under the hood! 

Another Datsun Roadster at SEMA?  I'm not complaining at all! 

The Jaguar E Type designed and built by Chip Foose had billet wheels that look just like old-school spokes! 

Best. Gremlin. Ever. 

I've got a couple hours of roll-out footage to whittle down into something that won't put you to sleep - if/when I get that posted I'll be sure to link it here!

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