It's been a crazy couple of weeks- between our shows at Cal Expo and wild week in Las Vegas for SEMA, I'm just now getting a chance to get caught up and go through our photos from all of the events.  Our SEMA coverage will be up in a few days, but first I'd like to share some pictures from the Monsters of Japan and Twisted Images shows here in our home town of Sacramento.

This is our 3rd year working with the Sacramento International Auto Show, and this year we expanded into two separate rooms.  Our Twisted Images room was similar to the previous years- a wide range of custom cars on display showing off suspension, paint, and audio mods that are always a big hit with the auto show crowds.  Here are some highlights from this year's room- you might notice a few familiar cars from last year, too:

Probably not going to see these cars lined up together at any other show!

Shane's S2000, Tim's Grand Marquis, and Greg's Prius and Mini Cooper- another eclectic lineup!

Jeff's '55 Chevy drew a crowd all weekend

Paul's roadster rocking a period-correct flathead

Rocket Bunny-equipped FD RX7

Bagged RS

Aaron's Lexus had movies and music playing all weekend long

His '59 Buick Invicta debuted with its fresh audio installation before he rolled out to the SEMA show with it.

Greg's daily-driven Prius and his weekend toy JCW Mini Cooper - both on air suspension!

This Panther is rocking a bunch of Japanese-style flavor!

Family First brought out an assortment of lowriders, and they were a big hit

This '57 Bug was one of my favorites in the room.  SUPER clean, and ultra low.  Just about perfect!

Our new room this year was called Monsters of Japan.  We invited Japanese cars from the 70s through 90s to attend, and ended up with a really nice mix of cars representing all of the best years of Japanese technology.

Right when you walk in the front doors, you're greeted by four of the baddest cars Japan had to offer in the 90s- a twin-turbo RX7, twin-turbo Supra, an Acura NSX that's been supercharged, and a twin-turbo Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4!  This lineup had everyone drooling all weekend long.

Toward the back of the showroom was a treat for true fans of everything JDM: a Hakosuka Skyline!  This 4 door short-nose model is quite a bit rarer these days- most people look for the 2 door 6 cylinder cars.

This row of classic Toyotas made for a fun mix- the '78 Celica in the foreground belongs to its original owner!  We were really excited to have a Celica All-Trac and a Starlet in attendance, too.

Brandon brought out his SUPER clean '84 Camry sporting a 3SGE swap, and his equally clean AE86 Corolla GTS.  He's got quite a collection of classic Toyotas- if we do this again next year I'll have to twist his arm to bring more!

Straight off the back streets of Japan, this Honda Acty and City Turbo II both came equipped with alternative transportation in the back!

MK2 Supra, SW20 MR2, and one of the cleanest FDs I've seen

We had three 510s at the show- these two '68s and my ratty '72

The Hilux was sporting an 18RG with dual sidedrafts- bet that's a fun one!

Victor's '68 Wagon- can't wait to put some air suspension on this thing!

Erik's Toyota Stout is a really rare body style these days- I don't think I've seen another in person

The cleanest car in the room had to be this 1st gen Miata.  The engine bay was completely spotless!

I dragged my 510 out- glad to have it back in the show after missing out last year!

Cary's Celica is a sight to behold.  People were drawn in by the beautiful black paint and pro-street stance, but when they saw the 1JZ under the hood it was game over!

Sean from JDM Palace brought two of his cars out- the drift-ready AE86 and his Pit Crew Miata.  The Miata 

Carlos finished the SR20 swap in his Datsun 521 just in time to drive it up to our show from Modesto.  Can't wait to see him ripping around with it after it's fully broken in!

Took the picture for the dog, but caught Roy's S13 drift car in the background too!

The rooms had steady traffic throughout all three days of the show.  Some people don't understand our custom automotive lifestyle and just wanted to see new cars on display at the auto show, but most of the people through our doors were excited to see something unique.

Thanks to everyone that brought out their cars to show off with us- hope to see you again next year!

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