Northern California has an amazing car culture, but we just don't have enough shows of our own - especially when it comes to imports. Hopefully that's coming to an end with excellent shows such as this one!

Held in Richmond at the Craneway Pavillion- an old Ford assembly warehouse overlooking the San Francisco Bay- the venue looked almost as good as the cars loaded in and around it.  This show was open to Japanese cars up to 1985, and ended up with a good variety to walk around and look at. Several vendors were set up as well, offering suspension, wheels, and other accessories to check out.

As usual I spent more time talking to people than taking pictures, but I still managed to grab a few:

Obviously, Datsun 510s dominated the show, but there were plenty of other makes and models to see.

Some cars that were too new to enter the show parked outside and showed off too:

This show was very well-organized- show up, get parked, hang out, and roll out by 4.  We made it back to Sacramento with plenty of time to relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend- bonus!

Fingers crossed this show continues next year and beyond- there was room for expansion and I'm sure word will spread!

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