Viair 380c Dual Pack - Chrome
Viair 380c Dual Pack - Chrome

Viair 380c Dual Pack - Chrome

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Viair 380c Chrome Dual pack - Includes two chrome 380c Compressors, pressure switch, relays, and much more!
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The dual 380C compressor setup builds up to 200 PSI of pressure using only 32 amps of power. This means that your system will run strong and last twice as long as systems using a single compressor. With this kind of low amp draw. Your vehicle will make more horsepower when your compressors are running. You'll never have dim headlights or an engine that suffers from performance-robbing high amp draw again.

  • Dual 380C CHROME Compressor (100% Duty Cycle @ 100 PSI, 55% Duty Cycle @ 200 PSI) 
  • Dual 12-Volt, 40-amp Relays 
  • 165 PSI On . 200 PSI Off Pressure Switch 
  • Maximum Total Amp Draw: 32 Amps (Amp draw of Two 380C's) 
  • Maximum Total CFM @ 0 PSI: 2.98 CFM

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