Stage 3 with Air Lift 3P - 61-69 Lincoln Continental

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The 61-69 Lincoln Continental is an icon of America's automotive history.  Each year has a unique look, but they're all just about the same under the skin, with a robust unibody construction, coil springs in the front, and leaf springs out back.  While they ride nice and smooth in factory trim, they just sit too tall for our tastes!

We've teamed up with Choppin' Block to give you a 100% bolt-on solution to getting that 'slab on the ground.  Up front, a set of tubular upper and lower control arms give you revised geometry to ride properly at lowered heights, and at the same time they'll give you new Moog ball joints and Daystar urethane bushings to replace your worn-out stock stuff.
Out back, the leaf springs get ditched in favor of a triangulated 4 link. The brackets for this link bolt directly into the factory pickup points on the subframe and axle, giving you a solid system that will ride and handle better than stock.  New KYB shocks are included at all four corners, and of course all of the necessary mounting hardware comes with this package to save you trips to the store.

When you step up to a Stage 3 air management system, you get automatic ride height control- press a button and your car will lift or drop to one of three pre-sets!  The Air Lift 3P system has a beautiful handheld controller that can be easily unplugged for added security.  3/8" DOT-approved air line and fittings are included to make the installation smooth and simple. Here's a list of everything included:

  • Choppin' Block BOLT ON front and rear suspension kits
  • Slam Specialties SS-7 air bags
  • Air Lift 3P digital control system
  • 3/8" air line and fittings
  • TWO 5 gallon polished aluminum air tanks
  • DUAL Viair 480C air compressors
  • Compressor wiring harness kit
  • Complete hardware and installation guides
With a pressure-based system, you trade off some accuracy for simplicity.  Air pressure isn't always equal to height, so in some situations you'll end up needing to manually adjust your vehicle to level it back out- like if you have the trunk/bed loaded down, a REALLY heavy passenger, etc.  This is only common in extreme situations- for most day-to-day driving a pressure-based system will keep you rolling just fine.
If you decide later down the road you'd like to upgrade to height sensors, you can just pick up the Height Sensor Upgrade package, change a few settings, and you're good to go!