Stage 3 Air Suspension System with Accuair Management - 73-87 C10
Stage 3 Air Suspension System with Accuair Management - 73-87 C10

Stage 3 Air Suspension System with Accuair Management - 73-87 C10

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Want ride height control without the hassle of height sensors? Here ya' go!
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Accuair is back, and their modular approach to air ride controls provides tons of options to suit any project and budget!

Here's what you get with our Stage 3 package:
  • Air Lift Dominator D2500 air bags - these 'bags ride great, have an excellent warranty, and get tons of lift.
  • Accuair e+Connect Base Unit - this is the brains of the operation- connect your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth to wirelessly control your suspension! We've also got an optional wired controller if you want to keep things simple.
  • Accuair VU4 4-path Valve Manifold - the VU4 is a staple of the air ride world- compact and reliable, with threaded ports for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Accuair digital tank pressure sensor - more accurate than a simple pressure switch, this sensor will allow you to set your tank's maximum pressure.
  • Viair 480C chrome air compressor - big enough to keep your air tank filled up, small enough to work with your factory alternator and battery.
  • Your choice of aluminum air tanks - we offer a few choices to personalize your system, and we'll make sure the fittings and hardware match your selection.
  • Front and Rear Airbag Mounting Brackets - bolt on front, weld on rear bag brackets designed to get you low without a ton of fabrication.
  • 8" Step Notch Kit - 3/16" thick, 8 piece design makes for easy installation and tons of drop. (under-bed step notch kit available too- message us to swap!)
  • DOT-approved air line and fittings - we don't cheap out on our plumbing. Only the highest-quality fittings and line to give you a leak-free system.
  • Complete wiring kit - wiring harnesses for your air compressor and controller, designed to be as simple and reliable as possible.
  • Complete plumbing and wiring diagrams - we try to make your life easy, but if you have questions we're always happy to help!
The base e+Connect system will give you wireless control of your vehicle's suspension. You can add a wired controller for easier access to your switches, and if you decide later down the road you'd like to upgrade to height sensors, you can just pick up the Height Sensor Upgrade package, change a few settings, and you're good to go!

Here's a video explaining the components and options available for the Accuair e+ platform:

NOTE: On any car or truck with a leaf spring rear suspension, we always recommend replacing the leaf springs with a 4 link.  Got questions?  Contact us and we'll help guide you into the right package!

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