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Posted by Phil on 1/12/2017 to Shop Projects & Shows

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Reso Reunion Car Show

Posted by Phil on 1/2/2017 to Shop Projects & Shows
Click through for a bunch of pictures from the 40th Anniversary Resolutions Show!

SEMA 2016

Posted by Phil on 11/5/2016 to Shop Projects & Shows
SEMA 2016
I'll assume you haven't been living under a rock this past week, so you probably already know that the SEMA show ran November 1st through 4th, and featured some of the nicest, wildest, loudest, lowest, and highest cars and trucks ever built!

I was lucky enough to be invited by Air Lift Performance to bring my Datsun 510 out there, so here's a bunch of photos I took during my week in Las Vegas, and some pics leading up to it:

I sanded and clear-coated my interior panels, since they had gotten a bit of surface rust on them

Supertrapp was nice enough to send a fresh muffler my way, so I bolted that on.  Gotta look good for the show!

Inside, I installed one of my drift brakes, and finally added a shift boot.

The trunk panels got a coat of clear as well, along with a couple logos to advertise...

Tucked into the trailer for the long drive to Las Vegas.

On Saturday morning, we unloaded the car and got in line to roll in to the Convention Center.

It was crazy seeing all of these expensive rides lined up out there- it wasn't the best neighborhood, but everyone was being respectful of the cars.

This Javelin sounded mean and had a great patina to it.  According to the driver it's a tribute car, so not original, but cool nonetheless.

Rocket Bunny S14 with BRE livery and a BMW engine swap.

Inside the parking area, heading to staging lanes

E30 2 door Touring with M3 flares... NOT stock!

Everyone lined up to roll in to various parts of the convention center

Somehow I got lucky and ended up with an indoor spot!

Cotati Speed Shop's '32 Roadster

Cafe-style CBX 1000 - straight six engine!

Cody Miles' Time Attack WRX on Air Lift Performance management

Magnus Walker's Porsche

This truck was the star of the show for me. Beautiful metal work throughout, rotary swapped, right hand drive...  too much to list here!

RE Amemiya FD

Another badass Rick Dore car

This pair had wild wraps and some cool wheels

Clean Bronco

All business under the hood

The "Uber" sticker made me laugh. 

Very nicely done Blazer

Stone Fab and Wagner Tuning's Ford truck has a 3.5L EcoBoost!

Another super clean car - right hand drive, Air Lift Performance management, and lots of detail throughout

You could literally stand under the rocker panels of this giant!

Nick Germano's C10 debuted at SEMA - this one has been in the works since 2004, and it's been worth the wait!

Sung Kang's Maverick, with a 4 cylinder EcoBoost under the hood.

The "One Eyed Willys" - looks like a terrifying ride!

Toyota had a bunch of classics on display this year, I guess to promote their new cars' heritage.  I didn't really look at any of the new cars, though!

Nicely modded MK7 GTI

Ferrari 458 engine + Scion FRS = a new level of fun

I liked the wing on this one.

Holy copper plating! This Caddy also had a mean Cummins in it.

Speaking of mean, how about a V12 LS engine in this Camaro?

Ford power inside a Porsche Cayman

I got to see the Hoonicorn up close - really looking forward to seeing the Pikes Peak video next year!

Rob Dahm brought out his project FD RX7, featuring a 4-rotor engine, giant turbo, and all wheel drive.  He should be able to set some rotary-powered records for sure.

I was lucky enough to meet Pete Brock at the Braille Battery booth.  This guy is a racing legend!

The only other 510 at SEMA this year was this one- it's like the opposite of mine! Very clean, nicely modded, and I hope it did well at the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge!

There were a bunch of really nice Zs at SEMA this year, too.  Datsun was represented well!

Two Hakosukas were in attendance as well, and they happened to be in booths right next to each other!

There were also a bunch of newer GTRs - mostly R35, but I saw a few R34s as well.

The paint/body treatment on these two cars demanded your attention.  I'm not sure exactly what the process was to achieve this look, but it was striking for sure!

Ummm... monster truck?

Bob Haro left his business card on my seat!  Wish I'd been there to talk to him!

As the show cleared out, we got some last minute photos, then cruised over to SEMA Ignited - the big after-party across the street.  The roll-out process took over two hours, but we made it!

They had drifting alongside the car show, loud music, food trucks... it was like a scene from a movie!

Getting ready to load the car back in the trailer and head home. 8 days in Las Vegas is too many, but I'm prepping for next year already!

Twisted Images Invitational Show 'n Shine - Photos

Posted by Phil on 10/24/2016 to Shop Projects & Shows

Last weekend we set up a room inside the Sacramento International Auto Show to display a fun mix of custom rides built by local shops and enthusiasts. With space limited, we made this an "invitational" show, so each of the cars and trucks in here were picked because they represent a slice of the local custom scene. There was something for just about everybody- check out the photos!

Building 4 at Cal Expo became our home for the weekend.

Looks big until you start filling it with cars and trucks!

Aaron's Lexus LS430 sits on Work wheels, with an aftermarket controller on the factory air suspension. The interior is full of LED lighting and TVs.

Aaron also brought out a pair of Acura NSXes - always a crowd pleaser! Both of these have Comptech superchargers and a host of other go-fast bits.

Chad from Severed Ties brought this monster in - he calls it the "Silver Baller" It's on custom links with air suspension, and sits on 24" American Force wheels.

Chad also rolled his bodydropped Toyota pickup to display.

Brad's Porsche Cayman S had a bunch of nice custom touches- after this weekend he's thinking about air suspension!

This BMW 2002 is packing a full Honda S2000 drivetrain- down to the gauge cluster in the dash! The interior is fully custom as well, with lots of ostrich covering the dash and door panels.

Eric's Scion xB was a huge hit with everyone that came through the room. The custom plexiglas hatch with a 40" TV and a booming sound system kept the room rocking all weekend!

This MK6 Volkswagen Jetta sits perfectly on Rotiform wheels and Air Lift Performance suspension. He's got plans for some upgrades for next year, too!

Another Volkswagen that was a big attention-grabber was Mike's Harlequin Golf. This rare factory color option had a lot of people scratching their heads, and the turbo'ed VR6 under the hood is definitely impressive!

Juergen's 'bagged Mini Cooper S has a TON of nice custom touches, and sits down perfectly with the splitter touching the ground.

I brought the 510 out to the show, of course. It's just about ready for SEMA next week- still a few things to button up, but it still got plenty of attention at the show!

Miles brought a few rides out this weekend, and of course they ALL caught the spectators' eyes! The mini truck on the deck is a chopped, doored, bobbed, turbo'ed Toyota pickup with custom front and rear ends- it'll need its own blog post to go over it all!
The hauler (the "Baller Hauler" as he calls it) is a heavily modified Isuzu NPR, sitting on air suspension and semi truck wheels. More on both of these rides soon!

Miles' other ride at the show was his "Ridiculous" Isuzu Rodeo. Again, too many mods to list here! It was fun watching people walk by and try to figure out what it used to be in its former life!

Victor brought out his '68 Datsun 510 wagon to display. It sits on a rare set of Walter Wolf Racing wheels, and has a mean-sounding 2.3L engine under the hood. It's getting rare to see clean 510s these days!

If you follow my Instagram page, you've probably seen my 510 being towed by this monster! It's a '49 Chevy pickup with a Cummins 12 valve diesel under the hood. Sitting on air suspension, of course! This thing is absolutely a work truck, hauling projects all over the place!

Riley parked his beautiful '86 BMW e28 on the trailer for the show. Sporting an M60 V8 under the hood from a later model 5-series, this thing sounds as mean as it looks!

Scott from Clean Concepts brought out his Silverado, which lays down over 28" wheels. This one got a bunch of "how do you drive that thing?" comments this weekend!

Scott also brought out the 'bagged cop car. With the lights flashing for most of the show, it was a hit!

Spencer's '72 C10, with a forward-tilt hood and a bunch of custom frame work exposed in the bed, probably gave other customizers some ideas for their rides!

The car with the most traffic around it by far was Jeff's 1960 Cadillac convertible. This car JUST got finished up last week, and this was its debut show. Fresh and flawless black paint, beautiful red leather interior, and blinding chrome combined to command attention all weekend long! We actually had to put stanchions around this one to keep people from touching it- it almost looked to good to be real!

Overall, we had a blast, and I got to meet a bunch of new people and discuss their custom projects. We'll be back again next year, and we hope you'll come check us out!

Scrape and Scare 2016

Posted by Phil on 10/16/2016 to Shop Projects & Shows

This weekend we dragged the Datsun 510 up to Plymouth, California to check out No Limits Car Club's Scrape and Scare show. The rain kept some people away, but those that came through had an incredible time! Lots of clean custom rides, and lots to do- burnout contest, limbo, and the attending clubs even got in on some tug of war and "water" pong games as well!

They'll be holding this show again next year on October 20th through 22nd- if you can make it I'd highly recommend this show!


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