We spent a week in Las Vegas for the SEMA Show- now that we've had a few days to recover, let me share what we saw with you!

For starters, we were down there to support our friend Miles with the Baller Hauler:

He ended up with a perfect spot out front near the Ford drift track, and there were crowds around the rig all week long.  Can't wait to see this setup putting in work getting his Corolla to drift events all over the west coast!

I'm going to split these photos into separate categories to help you find the stuff you're interested in, so let's dig in.


Since Datsun cars and trucks are near and dear to my heart, we'll start with them.

Peter Brock's 510 was in the Braille Batteries booth - with a small block under the hood (and cowl) pushing around 400hp, this thing would be an incredible sleeper!

Chris Forsberg brought out his 510 wagon project. 

This Skyline caught my eye from across the room. Makes me want flares.

Apparently this 2+2 was built by someone from Gas Monkey Garage.  Looked very nicely done.

Chasing Js brought out another Z this year.  Neat to see the products they're making for these cars.  Check out the carbon fiber bumpers!

This 620 was still definitely in "project" status.

Troy Ermish built this beautiful 510 in just a few weeks for Daniel Wu.


Hert from Hoonigan's FC

Some of the coolest cars were in Optima's paddock- they head straight from the SEMA Show over to the raceway to compete in the Ultimate Street Car Challenge.  This LS-powered Starion was here last year, and I love it!

Honda-powered Miata - looks like fun.

You never know what you'll find here- like a 1st generation MR2!  Really clean survivor with the supercharged 4AG.


We'll start off with possibly the most-hated car at the show- Hoonigan's "Shit Car"
If you follow these guys on YouTube, you totally get this car. Otherwise you're scratching your head wondering why it was here!

Sadistic Iron Works built this mean-looking R8.

Uhhh... there's a Ferrari.  That's why I took this photo.

Ken Block's Escort rally car

Lousy picture, but this Boden-equipped Ferrari looked great.

This Porsche was being fitted with hand-fabricated body panels live at the show.

Custom split-window Bug

One of my favorites this year.  Beautiful fabrication work, with plenty of nods to classic VW roots.


This fox-body Mustang in the Goodguys booth had a killer look.

I have a soft spot for 3rd generation Camaros. Judge me all you want.

Ring Brothers AMC Javelin

Supercharged and ALL WHEEL DRIVE!

PPG always brings out some incredible vehicles, and their booth was rad too!

Fireball Camaro

Kamikaze's El Camino


This truck was fresh from some Grant Kustoms repair work- looked even better than last year!

This hardtop Blazer looked like it could have been built that way from the factory.

Daniel Connel's Yukon looked great with some fresh powder coating and chrome

The webbing on the seat backs was a neat touch.

Monster FJ80 Landcruiser

Diesel-powered rat rod with the gooseneck through the roof!


The airbrush work these two were doing was amazing. Franny Drummond (Instagram @paintzoo) working on Frankenstein and Ray Hill (Facebook @sprayhill) on Steve McQueen.

If you've read this far, thanks!  We had a great time, and already have some plans in the works for next year.  See you there!

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