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Front Shock Relocator Kit - Universal

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Tabs or studs for the lower mounts?
If you've replaced your front coil springs with a pair of airbags, chances are your shocks don't have a home!  You could always run without front shocks, or you could do things the right way and relocate them!

These brackets are designed to move the shocks to the outside of the control arms.  Upper mounts are laser cut from .188" steel, and weld to the top or side of your frame.  We include a gusset to reinforce the upper mount once you dial in the location.  Lower mounts are either tabs or threaded studs that can be installed on your control arms. 

Measure the distance between the upper and lower mounts with your car lifted and dropped, and grab shocks of the proper length at your local auto parts store... BOOM!  Now you've got a car that rides and handles like it should!