Choppin' Block BOLT-ON Back Half Kit - 63-72 Chevy C10

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The rear suspension on 63-72 C10s is pretty easy to get a little bit low- throw some 'bags in place of the coils, notch the frame a bit, and you've got a fun little street cruiser.

But when you're ready to put that truck on the ground, things get a lot more complicated.  The trailing arms just aren't up to the task of getting your truck low, so let's swap them for a proper 4 link.  The frame has an odd shape where it goes over the axle, so let's straighten that out before we install a notch...  

Heck- let's just cut the whole thing off and start fresh!
Choppin' Block has make what sounds like an extreme measure into a relatively simple task with this back half kit.  Cut your stock frame off in front of the factory crossmember location, bolt their new rails into place, and bolt the rest of this package together- Boom, you're laying flat on the ground with a modern suspension!

This kit has the added benefit of making your long bed truck into a short bed- well, after you shorten the bed itself a bit!  

Kit includes frame rails, crossmembers, 4 link kit, airbag brackets, shocks, and all of the brackets and hardware you'll need to put it together.  Optional extras include fuel cell, sway bar, battery boxes, and air tank mounts.

This is a big job, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have before pulling the trigger!