Cars and Coffee - Now in Oklahoma City!

Posted by Phil on 12/7/2019 to Shop Projects & Shows
So, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you probably know we moved our shop and family out to Oklahoma a couple months ago- I'll go ahead and use that as an excuse for taking so long to update the blog this time!

Things have settled down from the move, and today I took the Datsun out to the local Cars and Coffee about 30 minutes from home. I fully expected it to be filled with Mustangs, Camaros, and Corvettes... and it totally was. BUT- there were also a TON of awesome and unique cars out there! I got to talk with a bunch of people about their cars and mine, and had a great time. Really looking forward to the next one!

First off, here's my car as usual. I got so wrapped up with talking to people about their cars I forgot to take any pictures of mine!

2 liter turbo swapped Caddy

One of TWO Roadrunners out there today!

Lotus Elan

You might recognize this Z from my SEMA coverage- didn't realize he's a local!


Clean Cadillac Fleetwood- look how long those rear doors are!

I spoke to the owner of this Monte Carlo for a bit- he's part of a local lowrider club called Illegal Toys.

A pair of bagged trucks from another local club- Layd II Rest. I got to speak with the owners quite a bit- always good to have other like-minded people around!

'Bagged 'Vette


Z31 Turbo

For my California friends and family- this was the price of gas this morning!

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