Air Lift Performance 3S Wireless Air Management Package -
Air Lift Performance 3S Wireless Air Management Package - 'Stage 2'

Air Lift Performance 3S Wireless Air Management Package - "Stage 2"

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Air Lift Performance just announced their new 3S control system!  If you've been looking for a wireless control package for your air suspension system, but don't want to spend a bunch of money on digital height control, this is exactly what you need!

The 3S manifold has a single input from the tank, four outputs to your air bags, and a single wiring harness to provide power.  Its Bluetooth connection is designed to give you wireless control over your system with the Air Lift 3S app on your iPhone or Android device- just pair it up and you're ready to rock!

The manifold also features a "wake on Bluetooth" feature that allows you to control your suspension even when the vehicle is off- just open the app on your phone and the manifold will be powered until you stop playing with the switches for a minute.  
This system is upgradeable down the road, too- there is a wiring harness included that allows you to connect a wired switch box to the system, and you can also upgrade to a wired 3P/3H-style controller if you want that fancy digital display.

The 3S also has ports on the manifold to allow installation of pressure gauges- we offer a gauge package as an option.

Here's what you get with our 3S package:

  • Air Lift Performance 3S 3/8" valve manifold - this manifold has all of the plumbing pre-installed, so installation is as simple as connecting your air lines and one electrical plug!
  • Viair 480C chrome air compressor - big enough to keep your air tank filled up, small enough to work with your factory alternator and battery.
  • Your choice of aluminum air tanks - we offer a few choices to personalize your system, and we'll make sure the fittings and hardware match your choice.
  • DOT-approved air line and fittings - we don't cheap out on our plumbing.  Only the highest-quality fittings and line to give you a leak-free system.
  • Complete wiring kit - Includes pressure switch, relay, 10 gauge wire for your air compressor, 18 gauge wire for your pressure switch, and a harness to connect your switch box to your manifold.  All pre-wired and ready to install.
  • Complete plumbing and wiring diagrams - we try to make your life easy, but if you have questions we're always happy to help!
With this air management package, you can expect your ride to lift or drop in about 2-3 seconds.  Combine with airbags and brackets, or air struts, to fit your vehicle, and you're set!

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