Air Lift Performance 3P Suspension System - 2000-2004 Ferrari 360

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The Ferrari 360 has been steadily dropping in price over the past few years, so now is the time to grab one and have some fun with it before values start jumping back up!

Our air ride systems are designed to bolt in without any cutting or welding required- the front and rear struts directly replace the stock units, and the rest of the air management sits under the hood- clean, simple, and ready to make you the king of the next Cars and Coffee event!

Here's what's included in this package:

  • UAS Solutions Series front and rear struts - bolt-in installation, with adjustable perches to dial in your height and adjustable damping to dial in your ride quality
  • Air Lift Performance 3P digital control system - 4-path manifold, Bluetooth wireless control, water separator, pressure relief valve, and a beautiful handheld controller to top it all off.
  • Viair 480C chrome air compressor - big enough to keep your air tank filled up, small enough to work with your factory alternator and battery
  • 4 gallon polished aluminum air tank - just the right size to sneak in that front storage space, but also enough to lift the car without waiting
  • DOT-approved air line and fittings - we include every fitting you'll need, along with 100' of black nylon air line- more than enough to route everything cleanly
  • Complete wiring kit - pre-wired for one of the easiest installations I've ever seen.  Connect battery power and ground, ignition lead, and compressor wires, and that's it!
  • Plumbing and wiring diagrams - we try to make your life easy, but if you have questions we're always happy to help!
With a pressure-based system, you trade off some accuracy for simplicity.  Air pressure isn't always equal to height, so in some situations you'll end up needing to manually adjust your vehicle to level it back out- like if you have the trunk loaded down, a REALLY heavy passenger, etc.  This is only common in extreme situations- for most day-to-day driving a pressure-based system will keep you rolling just fine.
If you decide later down the road you'd like to upgrade to height sensors, you can just pick up the Height Sensor Upgrade package, change a few settings, and you're good to go!