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Air Lift Performance 3P Air Suspension System- 59-60 Buick

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Part Number:KIT-59BUICK-3P

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So, you want a fancy digital ride height controller, but you don't wanna deal with ride height sensors? Air Lift Performance has you covered with their 3P system! Compact manifold valve with integrated pressure sensors and ecu, a beautiful handheld controller with full-color display, and a built-in Bluetooth module to connect your iPhone or Android phone to adjust your height wirelessly! 

Here's what you get with our Stage 3 package:

  • Slam Specialties SS7 and Air Lift Performance Dominator D2600 Airbags- these 'bags ride great, have an excellent warranty, and get tons of lift. 
  • Air Lift Performance 3P control system - 4-path manifold, water separator, pressure relief valve, and a beautiful handheld controller to top it all off.
  • Front and Rear Airbag Mounting Brackets- Designed to fit your Buick's unique front and rear suspension with minimal modification.
  • Front shock relocation brackets
  • Viair 480C chrome air compressor - big enough to keep your air tank filled up, small enough to work with your factory alternator and battery.
  • 5 gallon polished aluminum air tank - the right size tank to fit in your trunk, and enough air to lift you up without waiting.
  • DOT-approved air line and fittings - we don't cheap out on our plumbing. Only the highest-quality fittings and line to give you a leak-free system.
  • Complete wiring kit - Includes pressure switch, relay, 10 gauge wire for your air compressor, and 18 gauge wire for your pressure switch. All pre-wired and ready to install.
  • Complete plumbing and wiring diagrams - we try to make your life easy, but if you have questions we're always happy to help!
With a pressure-based system, you trade off some accuracy for simplicity. Air pressure isn't always equal to height, so in some situations you'll end up needing to manually adjust your vehicle to level it back out- like if you have the trunk/bed loaded down, a REALLY heavy passenger, etc. This is only common in extreme situations- for most day-to-day driving a pressure-based system will keep you rolling just fine.
If you decide later down the road you'd like to upgrade to height sensors, you can just pick up the Height Sensor Upgrade package, change a few settings, and you're good to go!