Air Lift 3P 1/4
Air Lift 3P 1/4' Ride Height Control System - with Pressure Sensors

Air Lift 3P 1/4" Ride Height Control System - with Pressure Sensors

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Air Lift Performance is changing the game with their new ride height controllers!

Slim wired handheld controller with pressure display and controls for your system, one-piece manifold unit that houses all of the electronics, and built-in wireless control with an app that installs on your iPhone or Android device!

System includes:
  • Manifold
  • Display
  • Harness
  • 60' of 1/4" air line
  • Water trap
  • App which works on iPhone and Androids.
This system uses air pressure sensors to monitor each corner of your suspension.  This is much easier to install and less expensive than a system using digital height sensors, but is less acurate.  The good news is that you can upgrade this system with height sensors later down the road!

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