AVS 4-path Valve Manifold with 7 Switch Box and Harness

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Add a pair of AVS water traps? help
Combine the new AVS valve manifold with one of their 7 switch boxes and a 10-foot harness to connect them, and you're halfway to a complete air management package!

This AVS billet manifold valve packs a bunch of bang for the buck- don't waste your time with no-name eBay valves when you can spend the same amount for one from a reputable manufacturer and WITH a 1-year warranty!

This valve is fully compatible with AVS's switch boxes, Accuair eLevel or SwitchSpeed controllers, toggle switches... anything you want to hook it up to.

The inlet and outlet ports have 1/4" NPT threads, so you can choose line size without adapters.  There are also four 1/8" NPT gauge ports built in, making it easy to add gauge lines or pressure sensors.

AVS backs this manifold with a 1 year warranty- when you purchase two of their water traps at the same time this is automatically upgraded to a 2 year warranty!