83-97 Ford Ranger Raised Transmission Crossmember

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Part Number:CM162T
1983-97 Ford Ranger raised transmission crossmembers. These will Fit all 1983-1997 2wd Ford Rangers: Ext. cab, single cab, manual or auto. Raised transmission crossmember is a must if your bagged and trying to lay frame or if you are lowered and need the extra clearance from the stock crossmember that hangs too far down. (works as a stock replacement part as well) These actually allow you to lay true frame, competitors raised crossmembers do not, they have bolt heads that hang down and even the crossmember itself dips below the frame. This is currently the only crossmember on the market that bolts on the inside of the frame rails and actually sits flush with the frame.

Labeled with a Driver and passenger side tags for ease of installation

Note: Opening up a existing hole in the frame is required to install.

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