'59 Impala Freshly Bagged

Posted by Phil on 1/7/2018 to Shop Projects & Shows

One of our local customers brought his '59 Impala to us this week for a simple air suspension installation.  We used Air Lift's 3P system, with a polished aluminum 5 gallon tank and dual Viair 444C compressors.  The car is going to the upholstery shop from here for a new interior and a trunk build-out, so we kept everything simple with a carpeted panel under the package tray to mount all of the components.

The suspension was set up with our bolt-on mounting brackets and Air Lift Dominator air bags at all four corners.  The owner is installing a set of 13" wire wheels with smaller whitewalls, so it should lay flat on the ground when those are swapped over.

It's always a treat working on a clean classic car, and this Impala was in fantastic original condition- not a single bolt was frozen or broken, and there was almost no rust to be found anywhere.  I can't wait to see it again after the next round of modifications!

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