1.25" Right Hand Square Tube Adapter Bung - 1.5" ID

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This is a Right Hand Weld in Threaded Bung with a difference, this one is designed to work with 2"x 1/4" wall Square Tubing. The tube adapter has a 1.5" O.D. and will accommodate 1.25" x 12 (TPI) Threads per inch. I have found many people have access to this tubing at a very fair price if not free. If you use Structural Tube it is not much weaker than round 2"x 1/4" wall DOM. We also make these a little different that the rest, the way I want them to be. They allow for most of the heim to go into the tube itself so it is supported by both the bung and the tube. They are much stronger when used like this.

It is a fair priced, reliable choice of tube Insert for your truck. These do cost quite a bit more to make than round but the inexpensive Square Tube keeps the overall cost down.

They are sold individually but we can fit a ton of them in a small flat rate box!