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AccuAir SwitchSpeed Controller

AccuAir SwitchSpeed Controller

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The SwitchSpeed™ Controller offers all of the standard functions that you’ve come to expect from a traditional switchbox, but that is where the similarities stop. AccuAir’s proprietary Advanced Burst-Control-Technology™ allows you to choose between three different modes of adjustment; Precise / Moderate / Full Speed. The burst speeds for each of these modes are user-tunable to achieve improved precision from even the largest valves on the market. Although the SwitchSpeed™ does not offer preset heights like the e-Level™ controller; it can easily be upgraded to the e-Level™ system down the road.

• Manual Control of each individual air spring along with front / rear paired adjustments.
• 3 User-Programmable Valve Adjustment Speeds
Precise / Moderate / Full. *INDUSTRY FIRST*
• Advanced Burst-Control Technology™ precise control over any valve. *INDUSTRY FIRST*
• Optional Air Compressor / Air Tank Pressure Management
Upgrade gives you three optional tank pressures (150 /175 /
200 psi) for more reliable air compressor management. It also
monitors vehicle voltage and automatically turns the compressor(s) OFF at 10.5 volts to prevent a dead battery. *INDUSTRY FIRST*
• “All-Down” Function can be programmed as a momentary
“pancake” or as a timer-based all-down function.
• 100% Weather Tolerant for under vehicle mounting.
• Plug-n-Play wiring harnesses for ease of installation.
• Each System is 100% Factory Tested.

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